Unique offer. 
To real estate professionals selling property to individual owners.


We are the only European insurance player devoted to real estate professionals (developers, management companies and agencies), providing 10-years’ property value and rental income guarantees.

Our insurance products allow the buyer to securitize an apartment or house acquisition, in two ways:

Guarantee the property value

If the owner, following negative life circumstances, makes a loss-making sale, the Insurer will indemnify such loss. Regardless if the property is a main or secondary residence, or a buy-to-rent acquisition.

Guarantee the expected rental income

Unpaid rents and losses arising from vacant property will be indemnified by the Insurer, covering the effective rental amounts.

In a competitive environment, sensitive to market volatility, both to professionals and individual owners, our offer will allow you to:

Differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Generate long-term client retention.

Facilitate sales, by adressing your client's hesitations and enabling access to less expensive credit.

Sell more. Faster and easier.

Where would you buy your property?

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We can currently support your activity in France and Portugal.

But we are also actively assessing our establishment in other European countries